Data Security News Headlines 9th November 2017

  1. Newly Uncovered ‘SowBug’ Cyber-Espionage Group Stealing Diplomatic Secrets Since 2015

According to the Symantec security researchers Codenamed Sowbug, the hacking group has been exposed, who spotted the group conducting clandestine attacks against foreign policy institutions, government bodies and diplomatic targets in countries, including Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador, Peru, and Malaysia. During the Symantec analysis found that the Sowbug hacking group uses a piece of malware dubbed “Felismus” to launch its attacks and infiltrate their targets. Felismus found in late March of this year.  The malware allows malicious actors to take complete control of an infected system and like most RATs, Felismus also allows attackers to communicate with a remote server, download files, and execute shell commands. It is still unclear how the Sowbug hackers managed to gain a foothold in computer networks, evidence gathered by researchers suggested the hackers have made use of fake, malicious software updates of Windows or Adobe Reader.

Cyber Security Tips:  Users are strongly recommended that avoid installing software from untrusted sources, avoid downloading software’s from links, keep your system up-to-date and installed reputed antivirus on your systems.

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