Data Security News Headlines 16th November 2017

  1. Forever 21 Warns Shoppers of Payment Card Breach at Some Stores

Forever 21 is an American fast fashion retailer with its headquarters in Los Angeles, California. If you are a customer of Forever 21 bad news for you, According to the latest report American clothes retailer Forever 21 announced on Tuesday that the company had suffered a security breach that allowed unknown hackers to gain unauthorized access to data from payment cards used at a number of its retail locations. The company operates over 815 stores in 57 countries, didn’t say which of its stores were affected, but it did note that customers who shopped between March and October this year may be affected. The company said that due to dysfunctional of the security layers on certain PoS devices, hackers were able to gain unauthorized access to data from payment cards at some Forever 21 stores. The investigation of its payment card systems is still ongoing, complete findings of the incident, including the number of customers potentially affected, are not available at the moment said spokesman.

Cyber Security Tips: Customers are strongly recommended that immediately reset their password with strong one and monitor their payment card statements carefully, and immediately notify their banks that issued the card for any unauthorized charge.

  1. Amazon Echo and Google Home Devices Vulnerable to BlueBorne Attack

In September 2017, the IT security researchers at Armis found eight zero-day vulnerabilities in Bluetooth protocol. Dubbed BlueBorne by researchers, these vulnerabilities affected millions of IoT and Windows, Linux, iOS and Android-based devices when their Bluetooth was enabled. Windows has already patched this issue, but according to the latest report Amazon Echo and Google Home smart speakers are also vulnerable to BlueBorne attack. Attackers can take over devices to spread malware and establish a “man-in-the-middle” attack to gain access to critical data, personal information, traffic, and networks. According to the researcher researchers found that Amazon Echo is vulnerable to CVE-2017-1000251 and CVE-2017-1000250 and Google Home is vulnerable to CVE-2017-0785.

Cyber Security Tips:  Microsoft and Google has released patches for the vulnerabilities, Both Amazon Echo and Google Home users are advised to download and install patches right now and secure their devices from BlueBorne attack. Also, disable your Bluetooth feature.

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