Data Security News Headlines 14th December 2017

  1. Two Hackers Plead Guilty to Creating IoT-based Mirai DDoS Botnet

Mirai is a malware that turns networked devices running Linux into remotely controlled “bots” that can be used as part of a botnet in large-scale network attacks. It primarily targets online consumer devices such as IP cameras and home routers According to the latest report, two hackers plead guilty to creating iot-based Mirai DDoS botnet. According to the federal court documents unsealed Tuesday, Paras Jha and Josiah White were indicted by an Alaska court last week on six charges for their role in massive cyber-attacks conducted using Mirai botnet. The U.S. Department of Justice has not released more details about the case yet.

Cyber Security Tips:  To prevent yourself from such a hackers you are strongly recommended that keep your system secure with security suits, keep systems up-to-date, beware while online, and avoid visiting malicious sites.

  1. Password Stealing Apps With Over A Million Downloads Found On Google Play Store

Previously hundreds of malicious apps found on plays tore, which installed by millions of peoples. According to the latest report, the security researchers discovered at least 85 applications in Google Play Store that were designed to steal credentials from users of Russian-based social network and were successfully downloaded millions of times. The most popular of all masqueraded as a gaming app with more than a million downloads. When this app was initially submitted in March 2017, it was just a gaming app without any malicious code, according to a blog post published Tuesday by Kaspersky Lab. The apps used an official SDK for but slightly modified it with malicious JavaScript code in an effort to steal users’ credentials from the standard login page of VK and pass them back to the apps. The stolen credentials were then encrypted and uploaded to a remote server controlled by the attackers.

Cyber Security Tips:  All the apps, including the credential-stealing apps, have since been removed by Google from the Play Store. Who have already installed one of the above apps on their mobile devices should make sure their devices have Google Play Protect enabled and you are strongly recommended to check permissions for the applications while installing any apps.

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