Data Security News Headlines 16th December 2017

  1. New OSX.Pirrit Malware floods Mac devices with ads; spies on users

Security firm Cybereason’s principal security researcher Amit Serper has discovered an invasive OSX.Pirrit adware variant that has been launched to target macOS so that attackers could invade and completely hijack any Mac computer. Already thousands of Mac devices across the globe have been infected with the adware. This campaign is a bit different from regular adware campaigns, stated Serper, since other such campaigns let the attacker bombard a computer with ads while this particular campaign not only floods the computer with ads but additionally spies on the user. It also allows attackers to capture personal information of the user and claim the highest level user privileges. It steals sensitive personal data including bank account logins and critical financial and business data. As for OSX.Pirrit malware, it runs under root privileges, creates autoruns, and generates random names for itself on each install. Serper stated that the adware was ‘Very Active’ and still infecting Macs; previous versions of OSX.Pirrit utilized rogue browser plug-ins and also attempted to install a proxy server on the hijacked device but this particular version uses Apple’s scripting/automation language dubbed as AppleScript. Using AppleScript enables the malware to inject JavaScript code into the browser directly, according to the news published by Hackread.

Cyber Security Tips:  To prevent from such a malware users are strongly recommended that avoid clicking on ads, links without verifying, keep using updated antivirus to detect such a malware.

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