Data Security News Headlines 28th December 2017

  1.’ RootsWeb breach: 300,000 plaintext accounts leaked LLC is a privately held online company based in Lehi, Utah. The largest for-profit genealogy company in the world, it operates a network of genealogical, historical record and genetic genealogy websites. Now, the bad news for RootsWeb users is that the community suffered a data breach in which usernames, email, and passwords of 300,000 registered users were stolen and leaked online in clear text format. The data was discovered by Troy Hunt, founder of data breach notification website HaveIbeenPwned. The company has confirmed the breach and wrote an in-depth blog post to explain what happened. The leaked file contained 300,000 email/usernames and passwords. This is not the first time when Ancestry was under cyber-attacks. In June 2014, the company said its servers crashed due to a series of distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks.

Cyber Security Tips:   Users are strongly recommended that immediately reset their password with a strong one, never use the same password for the different accounts and keep monitoring your account for malicious activities.

  1. CBI nabs hacker in Jaunpur

Varanasi: A CBI team from New Delhi on Tuesday caught person named Mr. Anil Gupta, a resident of Nathupur village in Zafrabad area in Jaunpur district, for allegedly hacking railway web site and booking e-tickets. He was taken to New Delhi on transit remand on Wednesday. According to reports, the CBI personnel working on a case of booking railway tickets by hacking IRCTC web site. Acting on a tip-off a team of CBI reached Jaunpur on Tuesday and conducted raids at different places. The CBI personnel caught Anil and seized his laptop and other objects and documents.

Cyber Security Tips: To prevent your website from being hacked, you are strongly recommended to keep your website secure with latest security patches, keep servers up-to-date, do vulnerability assessment and penetration testing to know vulnerabilities in your website.

  1. Haryana law officer duped Rs 50,000

Haryana deputy advocates General Mr. Jasbir Singh Dhol had filed a complaint alleging Rs 50,000 online ATM fraud, on Tuesday. According to the report, Mr. Dhol stated that he had received a call from a person named Ankit Verma who claimed to be a bank official. “The man said that my ATM card had expired. He asked for my 16 digit card number and then the three digit pin behind the card. Afterwards, he demanded the six digits one-time password which was delivered to my phone number. After sharing of OTP Rs 50,000 were deducted from Mr. Dhol’s account.

Cyber Security Tips:  Banking users are strongly recommended that keep your banking data secured, never share your details such as OTP, account number, CVV with anyone, beware of a phishing attack, and beware of the fraudster.

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