Cyber Security News (28th March 2018)

  1. Hackers spread password stealer malware from YouTube comment section

YouTube is a free video sharing website that lets people upload, view, and share videos. Videos can be rated with a like or dislike, most videos can be commented on if logged in to an account. According to the latest report the IT security researchers at Russian anti-virus vendor Dr. Web have discovered a dangerous malware campaign being spread by cybercriminals from YouTube. The malware called as Trojan.PWS.Stealer.23012, is written in Python programming language and aims at targeting Microsoft Windows-based devices, steals login credentials for emails and social media accounts. According to a blog post by Dr. Web, cybercriminals are posting malicious links in the comments and video description sections of YouTube videos, especially those videos which are based on gaming hacks and cheats using special applications. If user click on the link which would supposedly allow them to access gaming cheats and other useful utilities.

Cyber Security Tips:  Users are strongly recommended that avoid click on any links which are mentioned in comments, to check the presence of above malware in your system look for C:/PG148892HQ8 and keep using reputed and updated antivirus.

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