Cyber Security News (30th March 2018)

  1. Animal abuse website hacked; thousands of users exposed

An animal abuse website or otherwise called a “bestiality” has been hacked and as a result, personal details of over 3,000 registered users have been leaked and exposed online. The hack was identified by Troy Hunt, the founder of HaveIbeenpwned and according to him, personal details of 3,200 users have been exposed including email addresses, passwords stored as bcrypt hashes, date of birth and most importantly IP addresses. Hunt also provided a set of leaked data to Motherboard who has confirmed that the leaked data is linked to the animal abuse forum and noted that there are hundreds of private messages containing conversations between site users. It is unclear if the targeted site is operated from the United States or the leaked accounts belong to the users in the States.

Cyber Security Tips:  To prevent your application from data leak you are strongly recommended that keep your application data secure with encryptions, check the unnecessary services, use web application firewall to detect malicious attack, check for vulnerabilities in your application and keep your application up-to-date.

  1. Boeing production plant hit by malware

The world’s largest aerospace company Boeing has been hit by a malware attack and reportedly it led to the infection of infamous WannaCry ransomware. According to Seattle Times, who broke the news, the impacted department belonged to Boeing’s 777 airliners production plant in North Charleston, S.C. facility. Although Seattle Times is certain that the malware attack caused WannaCry ransomware infection there was no confirmation from Boeing. It is not cleared yet how the systems are infected with malware.

Cyber Security Tips:  To prevent yourself from such a malware you are strongly recommended that never open spam emails, avoid clicking any links without verify, download software’s only from trusted sources, regularly backup your data, never pay ransom if your system is locked by ransomware and keep your system up-to-date.

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