Cyber Security News (3rd April 2018)

  1. Mysuru City Police website hacked

Previously Pakistani hackers targeted Indian website. According to the latest report, the website of Mysuru City Police has been hacked. The miscreants, who managed to hack the website, have written Pakistan zindabad on the website. The issue came to light on Sunday morning. An image of five youths standing on Indian flag was uploaded on the website. Meanwhile, Commissioner of Police Dr a Subrahmanyeshwara Rao has said that it was due to a virus attack and not due to hacking. The website is being repaired, he said. (MR/KS) according to the news published by city today.

Cyber Security Tips: To prevent your website from being hack, you are strongly recommended that keep your web server secure, check for the unnecessary services, keep your CMS up-to-date, keep your plugin, programming software’s updated, do vulnerability scanning to check loop holes in your website and use security devices to detect malicious attacks.

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