Cyber Security News (21st April 2018)

  1. Millions of applications risk exposing personal data due to 3rd party code: Research

Android users are using millions of third party applications day. Deep analysis of applications has shown that data is sent unencrypted, and over HTTP, due to the absence of encryption, data can be intercepted by anyone – via unprotected Wi-Fi, by the Internet Service Provider or through malware on a home router. While analyzing popular dating apps, Kaspersky Lab researchers have found that some transmit unencrypted user data over the insecure HTTP protocol, risking the exposure of user data. This is because some applications use third party ready-to-go advertising SDKs, which are part of some of the most popular advertising networks. According to the researcher billions of installations found across world.

Cyber Security Tips:   To secure your data users are strongly recommended that avoid such malicious installation in your smartphone, download apps from trusted sources only, check the permissions while installing any app, if any app contains ads uninstall it and avoid keeping your personal data in your smart devices.


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