Cyber Security News (21st May 2018)

  1. Someone hacked California’s live congressional debate to run gay porn

An online forum designated for California’s First Congressional District debate was hacked by unknown hackers after opening statements from its participants Lewis Elbinger of Green Party and Lewis Elbinger of the Democratic Party. The debate was hosted by Independent like the North State group on Thursday night which was being broadcast online via live streaming. However, hackers were quick to take over the live stream to broadcast gay pornography according to the news published by HackRead. It is unclear yet how hacker hacked broadcast online via live streaming.

Cyber Security Tips:  To prevent from such hacking you are strongly recommended that secure your online forum, use secure transmission and use security peripheral to detect malicious activities.

  1. Data of Over 200 Million Japanese Sold on Underground Hacking Forum

A hacker suspected to be operating out of China has been seen peddling the data of around 200 million Japanese users on an underground cybercrime forum, according to a FireEye iSIGHT Intelligence report shared with Bleeping Computer. The data appears to have been assembled by hacking up to 50 smaller Japanese sites and put up for sale as one big giant archive in December 2017. After analyzing a sample of the data, researchers say they’ve identified the hacked targets as small Japanese websites activate in the retail, food and beverage, financial, entertainment, and transportation sectors.

Cyber Security Tips: Japanese users are recommended to change their account passwords, keep monitoring their accounts and check your bank account for transaction.


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