Cyber Security News (25th June 2018)

  1. 6 men arrested for ATM phishing in Coimbatore

Six men were arrested for ATM skimming and phishing in Coimbatore. ATM skimming is a type of fraud which occurs when an ATM is compromised by a skimming device, a card reader which can be disguised to look like a part of the machine. The card reader saves the users’ card number and pin code, which is then replicated into a counterfeit copy for theft. According to the latest report, ICICI customers complained that money was withdrawn from their account on June 5 without their knowledge. All the customers had used the Singanallur ATM machine on that day to withdraw money. According to the investigation report the scam happened due to the ATM skimmer present on ATM machine. The ATM skimmer found when cops retrieved the CCTV footage from the ATM machine, they saw visuals of miscreants connecting a skimmer to the ATM. The cops also retrieved 20 fake debit cards, 2 luxury vehicles, 17 smartphones, 2 laptops, a card reader and 40 grams of gold.

Cyber Security Tips: To prevent yourself from such a skimmer you are strongly recommended that check the ATM skimmer device before inserting card and check the hidden cameras.

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