Cyber Security News (29th June 2018)

1.  Another Facebook Quiz App Left 120 Million Users Data Exposed

Facebook was in controversies earlier this year over a quiz app that sold data of 87 million users to a political consultancy firm, who reportedly helped Donald Trump win the US presidency in 2016.Now, a different third-party quiz app, called NameTests, found exposing data of up to 120 million Facebook users to anyone who happened to find it, an ethical hacker revealed.Just like any other Facebook app, signing up on the NameTests website using their app allows the company to fetch necessary information about your profile from the Facebook, with consent naturally.

This issue was due to a simple yet severe flaw in NameTests website that appears to have existed since the end of 2016.

Cyber Security Tips:

Don’t share your Personal sensitive data like Birth date, ID card details etc. on any Social Media like Facebook. Don’s let any third party service to sign you in with your Social media accounts.



2. TP-Link Wireless Router (TL-WR841N V13) suffers from major Vulnerability        

One of the TP-Link TL Router suffers from blind command injection vulnerability.  The ping and traceroute functionalities allow for OS command injection.

An authenticated attacker can use this to execute arbitrary commands on the router by sending specifically crafter HTTP requests to it.

The vendor did not fix the issue yet.

Cyber Security Tips:

  • Users or IT Persons are advised to use secure passwords and to mitigate against other vulnerabilities if they are using this Vulnerable model in theirs Network.


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