Cyber Security News (30th July 2018)

Chennai: 3 held for leaking data of students Chennai: Less than a week after DC reported the alleged data breach in which details of students who appeared for class-10 and plus-2 exams in March 2018 were put up for sale to educational institutions, the Cyber Crime wing of Greater Chennai Police arrested three persons. The... Continue Reading →


Cyber Security News (27th July 2018)

1. New wave of ransomware attacks in India A year later when most of the infrastructure associated with the ransomware has been taken down, new reports have emerged stating that WannaCry still exists in dormant form in India. This is observed by telemetry servers of the internet security provider eScan. In a statement, the company... Continue Reading →

Cyber Security News (26th July 2018)

1. New Variant of Dangerous Kronos Banking Malware Spreading via Malicious Word Documents A new variant of Kronos Banking Trojan appeared in wild targeting users. The Trojan first appeared in 2014 and disappeared after a few years. With the new variant of Kronos Banking Trojan, it uses the Tor anonymizing network for establishing communication with... Continue Reading →

Cyber Security News (25th July 2018)

1. New Bluetooth Hack Affects Millions of Devices from Major Vendors   A highly critical cryptographic vulnerability has been found affecting some Bluetooth implementations that could allow an unauthenticated, remote attacker in physical proximity of targeted devices to intercept, monitor or manipulate the traffic they exchange. The Bluetooth hacking vulnerability, affects firmware or operating system... Continue Reading →

Cyber Security News (24th July 2018)

1. Android Devices With Open ADB Ports are Vulnerable for malware Attack A new exploit targeting Android devices with open ADB port 5555 to spread malware through command line troubleshooting utility called Android Debug Bridge (ADB) which allows developers to debug apps on the Android devices. Attackers trying to exploit the devices with port 5555... Continue Reading →

Cyber Security News ( 23rd July 2018)

1. 25% ATMs of public sector banks may be vulnerable to fraud in India   The government on Friday indicated that nearly a quarter of the automated teller machines (ATMs) run by public sector banks may be vulnerable to frauds as 74% of the cash dispensers are running on outdated software. The statement on state-run... Continue Reading →

Cyber Security News (21st July 2018)

1. "MoneyTaker" Hackers Stole $1 Million From Russian Bank A cybercriminal group referred to as MoneyTaker recently managed to steal nearly $1 million from PIR Bank (Russia), according to cybercrime research firm Group-IB. The theft was performed on July 3 through the Russian Central Bank’s Automated Workstation Client. The hackers managed to transfer the funds... Continue Reading →

Cyber Security News (20th July 2018)

1. America’s largest diagnostics service LabCorp suffers massive data breach According to a DailyMail’s report, cybercriminals have managed to breach the security of America’s leading clinical laboratory and medical diagnostics center LabCorp that can put health records of not thousands but millions of patients at risk. The breach occurred over the weekend during which hackers... Continue Reading →

Cyber Security News (19th July 2018)

1. 60% of Indian computers vulnerable – Avast CTO   Avast Antivirus chief technical officer and executive vice-president Ondrej Vlcek said that over 60% of the personal computers in India were vulnerable to cyber-crimes. As many as 18% of routers, 17% phones, 14% printers, 25% network associated storages, 4% security cameras and 2% media boxes... Continue Reading →

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