Cyber Security News (4th July 2018)

1. Third Party Gmail Apps Can Read Your Emails, “Allow” Carefully!  

If you’ve forgotten about any Google app after using it once a few years ago, be careful, it may still have access to your private emails.

Google also has a ton of information about you and this massive pool of data can be accessed by third-party apps you connect to, using its single sign-on service.

Though Google has much stricter privacy policies about what developers can do with your data, the company still enables them to ask for complete access of your Google account, including the content of your emails and contacts.

Cyber Security Tips:

  • Check and Remove Third-Party Apps Access with Your Gmail Inbox.
  • You can completely disable app’s access by hitting the “Remove Access” button in “My Account” page of your Google Account.



2. Israel Accuses Hamas of Targeting Soldiers With World Cup App

Israeli military intelligence on Tuesday accused Hamas hackers of creating a World Cup app and two online dating sites to tempt soldiers into downloading spyware onto their phones.

Army intelligence officers said the scam by members of the Palestinian Islamist movement that runs the Gaza Strip failed to damage military security.

The attempt showed the Islamist militants had adopted new tactics since a similar attempt was revealed in January 2017.

The emphasis then was solely on the dating game, with the hackers posing online as attractive young women seeking to lure men in uniform into long chats.

This time the traps were aimed at both sexes and there was the additional bait of World Cup action with an app offering “HD live streaming of games, summaries and live updates”.

Cyber Security Tips:

  • Don’t install any Mobile App without proper verification. Use help of reviews on different sites of app before installation.
  • Don’s let any third party service or mobile Applications to sign you in with your Social media accounts.

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