Cyber Security News (10th July 2018)

1. Apple Patches iOS, Safari and MacOS

Apple today released updated for Safari, macOS and iOS. The patches fix 4 different vulnerabilities.

The most severe of the vulnerabilities affect WebKit. These vulnerablities could be exploited to execute arbitrary code if a user visits a malicous site.

Note that WebKit is also included in tvOS and watchOS. A patch release for these operating systems may be imminent.

Patches are released for following Apple Components:

  • Safari 11.1
  • MacOS
  • iOS 11.3.1

The update applies to iPhone 5s and later, iPad Air and later, and iPod touch 6th generation.

Cyber Security Tips:

  • It is recommended that update your Apple Devices & Software as soon as possible. Keep them on Automatic update in Settings for installation.



2. DomainFactory Hacked—Hosting Provider Asks All Users to Change Passwords

The Data breach was discovered last week that affects users of one of the largest web hosting companies in Germany, DomainFactory, owned by GoDaddy.

It turns out that the attacker breached company servers to obtain the data of one of its customers who apparently owes him a seven-figure amount.

Later the attacker tried to report DomainFactory about the potential vulnerability using which he broke into its servers, but the hosting provider did not respond, and neither disclosed the breach to its customers.

In that situation, the attacker head on to the company’s support forum and broke the news with sample data of a few customers as proof, which forced DomainFactory to immediately shut down the forum website and initiate an investigation. 

Cyber Security Tips:

  • DomainFactory is now advising its users to change passwords for all of the following services and applications “as a precautionary measure,” and also change passwords for other online services where you use the same password.

Customer password, Phone password, Email passwords, FTP / Live disk passwords, SSH passwords, MySQL database passwords.

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