Cyber Security News (13th July 2018)

1. New Spectre 1.1 and Spectre 1.2 CPU vulnerabilities exposed

There are two new related CPU flaws to add to the mix with the Spectre and Meltdown vulnerabilities saga.

Dubbed Spectre 1.1 and Spectre 1.2, the vulnerabilities exploit speculative execution and can modify data and bypass sandboxes.

Two security researchers have disclosed details of the new vulnerabilities, both of which have the potential to leak sensitive data.

Intel and ARM CPUs, it would be possible to use malicious code to extract information such as passwords and crypto keys.

Cyber Security Tips:   

As a Precautionary Measure IT Persons are Recommended to do following practical things:

  • Verify if new Windows protections are enabled
  • Confirm whether you’ve actually received the update (your AV — or lack thereof — may be an issue)
  • Install browser updates and turn on site isolation.

2. Google Enables ‘Site Isolation’ Feature By Default For Chrome Desktop Users

Google has by default enabled a security feature called “Site Isolation” in its web browser with the release of Chrome 67 for all desktop users to help them protect against many online threats, including Spectre and Meltdown attack.

Site Isolation is a feature of the Google Chrome web browser that adds an additional security boundary between websites by ensuring that different sites are always put into separate processes, isolated from each other.

It should be noted that additional processes generated by Site Isolation could cause Chrome to use more memory, but Google promises to optimize this behavior to keep its browser fast.

Cyber Security Tips:  

  • Users are advised to upgrade Google Chrome Web browser to avail Latest security measures.

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