Cyber Security News (16th July 2018)

1. A highly targeted malware campaign is spying on iPhones in India

A dangerous targeted mobile malware campaign has been identified by security researchers, which is believed to have been active since August 2015. Researchers claim that the malware is discovered to be spying on 13 specific iPhones in India, which hints at the fact that this is a highly targeted campaign.

The attackers behind this campaign are also operating from India but using a Russian email address. The primary objective behind the launching of this new campaign is to steal data from the devices.

Attackers are abusing MDM (mobile device management) protocol. MDM protocol is basically a kind of security software that is commonly used by large-scale enterprises for controlling and enforcing policies on mobile devices.

Cyber Security Tips:  

  • Don’t install outside of the trusted certificate chain of Apple iOS on your iPhone.



2. Hackers Distributing Anubis Malware via Google Play Store

Hackers are using Anubis Malware on Google Play store apps to Steal Login credentials, E-wallets, and Payment Cards Details.

Users are frequently gets infected once they download and install the malicious apps via google play store, even though play store security inspect all the app that uploaded into Google Play.

Anubis campaign contains at least 10 malicious downloaders disguised as various applications.

Cyber Security Tips:  

  • Glance at app reviews — people will often rate an infected app poorly and will usually warn others through the app reviews.
  • Avoid downloading unofficial apps — it’s always safer to install official apps from an official app store.
  • Use strong antivirus protection such as Lookout Mobile Security, AVG, and Norton.

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