Cyber Security News (21st July 2018)

1. “MoneyTaker” Hackers Stole $1 Million From Russian Bank

A cybercriminal group referred to as MoneyTaker recently managed to steal nearly $1 million from PIR Bank (Russia), according to cybercrime research firm Group-IB.

The theft was performed on July 3 through the Russian Central Bank’s Automated Workstation Client. The hackers managed to transfer the funds to 17 accounts at major Russian banks and then cashed them out.

Group-IB, which analyzed the incident, says that all evidence points to the MoneyTaker group orchestrating the theft.

The security firm previously reported that MoneyTaker had launched over 20 successful attacks against financial institutions and legal firms in the US, UK and Russia over the past two years. The group has been mainly focused on card processing systems, such as the AWS CBR (Russian Interbank System) and SWIFT (US).

The attackers also cleared OS logs on compromised computers, to hinder analysis. They also left reverse shells onto the bank’s computers to conduct new attacks.


2. Singapore’s Largest Healthcare Group Hacked, 1.5 Million Patient Records Stolen

Singapore’s largest healthcare group, SingHealth, has suffered a massive data breach that allowed hackers to snatch personal information on 1.5 million patients.

SingHealth is the largest healthcare group in Singapore with 2 tertiary hospitals, 5 national specialty , and eight polyclinics.

Hackers also managed to stole ‘information on the outpatient dispensed medicines’ of about 160,000 patients, including Singapore’s Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, and few ministers. The stolen data includes the patient’s name, address, gender, race, date of birth, and National Registration Identity Card (NRIC) numbers.


3. Hackers account for 90% of login attempts at online retailers

A new study by cybersecurity firm Shape Security found that more than 90% of the login traffic of online retailers actually comes from hackers using stolen login data.

Last year, 1.4 billion passwords were hacked, leaked, and dumped into an online document that circulated the information for hackers to reuse. And selling the information on the dark web is a business for online hackers.

There have been at least 16 high-profile data breaches in the first half of 2018, but online retailers are being hit the hardest by using stolen personal data.

According to Shape Security, online retailers are hit the most by these attacks. The airline and consumer banking industries are also under siege, with about 60% of login attempts coming from criminals.

Cyber Security Tips :

  • Those who use the same combination of email address and password across multiple online services are likely to fall victim to this type of attack. Don’t Use Same Combination of credentials to use different services.
  • Consumers are advised to change their passwords regularly to avoid exposure.

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