Cyber Security News (30th July 2018)

  1. Chennai: 3 held for leaking data of students

Chennai: Less than a week after DC reported the alleged data breach in which details of students who appeared for class-10 and plus-2 exams in March 2018 were put up for sale to educational institutions, the Cyber Crime wing of Greater Chennai Police arrested three persons. The persons arrested on Saturday were identified as P. Praveen Chowdry (39) of Sampoornam Avenue in Vadapalani, A. Sudhakar (32) of Arcot road in Vadapalani and Venkata Rao (50) of T. Nagar according to the news published by deccanchronicle. It is learnt that Sudhakar, who is running a website designing firm, allegedly helped Praveen Chowdry in creating and designing more than 10 websites and uploading the details to the Internet.“Venkata Rao of K Square India Technologies Pvt Ltd bought the details and used them for commercial purposes,” the police said. Details including students name, address, date of birth, community name and phone number were stolen from the database. The accused had floated the details of the students in websites for sales to the institutions at a cost of Rs 2,000 to Rs 5,000.

Cyber Security Tips:    

Keep your data secure with strong encryption.

Keep your data servers up-to-date, use security devices/software to monitors the illegal activities.

  1. Flaw in Swann smart security cameras allows access to user’s live stream

Researchers Andrew Tierney, Chris Wade, and Ken Munro participated in this research along with Alan Woodward, Scott Helme, and Vangelis Stykas find a new flaw in Swann smart security cameras which allows hackers to access user’s live stream. According to their findings, many of the smart security cameras contain a major security flaw that allows cybercriminals to gain access to their live feed. They tested one of the smart security cameras manufactured by Swann and identified that the device could not differentiate if someone was authorized to view the live feed. The flaw can be exploited is that Swann’s cameras have a hard-coded serial number that allows communication with the cloud service; this serial number can be replaced with another one to acquire access to the camera’s live stream. This is done by using proxy software, which helps in changing the network traffic. It was concluded that every Swann camera serial number could be enumerated within three days’ time.

Cyber Security Tips: 

Users are recommended to contact with vendor for security update and avoid using the cameras until the issue patch.

  1. ICO hacked: Hackers steal $8 million from KICKICO Blockchain network

KICKICO is the first up-and-running blockchain fundraising platform that offers comprehensive solutions for ICOs, crowdfunding, and crowdinvesting. According to the latest report hackers have stolen more than 70 million KickCoins which is around $7.7 million. The cyber-attack took place on Thursday, July 26th when hackers breached the platform’s security after obtaining the private key of KickCoin’s smart contract and gaining direct access to KICKICO blockchain’s smart contract. According to the KICKICO’s statement the team was quick to block the attack by regaining control over the tokens and replacing the hacked private keys with cold storage private keys. Moreover, the good news is that the company is fully reimbursing 40 affected addresses.

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