Cyber Security News (04-Aug-2018)

1. Google admits to putting old UIDAI helpline number on your phone contact list

Google has admitted that it is to blame for the mysterious appearance of an outdated Aadhaar helpline number in the contact lists of phones, and clarified that it wasn’t an unauthorised breach of the Android devices.

The US Internet major added that the issue would be fixed over the next few weeks.

Thousands of Android phone users complained that UIDAI’s toll-free helpline numbers had been added to their phonebook memory by default.

In its statement though, Google has said that there is no unauthorized access into phones of such users. “Our internal review has revealed that in 2014, the then UIDAI helpline number and the 112 distress helpline number were inadvertently coded into the SetUp wizard of the Android release given to OEMs for use in India and has remained there since,” a Google India tweet read. “Since the numbers get listed on a user’s contact list, these get transferred accordingly to the contacts on any new device.


2. Hackers Infect Over 200,000 MikroTik Routers with Crypto Mining Malware

Security researchers have discovered at least three massive malware campaigns exploiting hundreds of thousands of unpatched MikroTik routers to secretly install cryptocurrency miners on computers connected to them.

In all, the malware campaigns have compromised more than 210,000 routers from Latvian network hardware provider Mikrotik across the world, with the number still increasing.

The hackers have been exploiting a known vulnerability in the Winbox component of MikroTik routers that was discovered in April this year and patched within a day of its discovery, which once again shows people’s carelessness in applying security patches on time.

The security flaw can potentially allow an attacker to gain unauthenticated, remote administrative access to any vulnerable MikroTik router.

Since other hackers have also started exploiting MikroTik router vulnerability, the campaign is spreading on a global scale.

Cyber Security Tips: 

  • Users and IT Administrators who are still running vulnerable MikroTik routers in their environment are recommended to patch their devices as soon as possible.



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