Hackers can remotely compromise a brand new Macbook as soon as it connects to a WiFi

[Aug 11, 2018] Researchers demonstrated the vulnerability in Macbook this week at the Black Hat security conference in Las Vegas. The threat targets MacBooks that use Apple’s Device Enrollment Program and its Mobile Device Management platform. Vulnerabilities in these setup tools that could exploit to get rare remote Mac access. Researchers said, “We found a bug that... Continue Reading →

Flaws in ATM Dispenser Controllers Allows Hackers to Steal Cash

[Aug 11, 2018] Researchers have disclosed the details of two serious vulnerabilities affecting ATM currency dispensers made by NCR (ATM machine Parts). The flaws have been patched, but they could have been exploited to install outdated firmware and get ATMs to dispense cash. The method, which the researchers described as a “logical attack,” requires physical... Continue Reading →

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