Amazon AWS error exposes info on 31,000 GoDaddy Servers

[Aug 13, 2018]

Godaddy is the world’s leading domain registrar with over 18 million customers with over 76M domain names.

GoDaddy data leaked from an unsecured S3 bucket (Amazon AWS Cloud Service), exposed the data contains configuration information such as hostname, operating system, workload, AWS region, memory and CPU specs, and more.

Upguard noticed the publically readable Amazon S3 bucket contains several spreadsheet files that contain data about Data Legend, GDDY Machine Raw Data, Summary, Compute, Storage, Instance Mapping, Spot and Price List.

The leaked data can be used by cybercriminals to target users based on their role, probable data, size, and region. The data can be also used for competitive analysis for cloud hosting strategy and pricing.

The exposed data doesn’t expose any sensitive information that stored in the servers, but the configuration leak could be a stepping stone for attackers to launch a high profile attack.


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