Google Tracks Android, iPhone Users Even With ‘Location History’ Turned Off

[Aug 14, 2018]

Google asks permission to allow access location if you want to use it for navigating, but a new investigation shows that the company does track you anyway.

An investigation by Associated Press revealed that many Google services on Android and iPhone devices store records of your location data even when you have paused “Location History” on your mobile devices.

AP found that even with Location History turned off, some Google apps automatically store “time-stamped location data” on users without asking them, eventually misleading its claim.

Cyber Security Tips:

To stop Google From Tracking Your Location:

  • For Any device:

Open your web browser, go to, select “Activity Controls” from the upper left drop-down menu, and now turn off both “Web & App Activity” and “Location History.”

  • For Android Devices:

Head on straight to the “Security & location” setting, scroll down to “Privacy”, and tap “Location.” Now you can toggle it off for the entire device.

You can also use “App-level permissions” to disable access to various apps.

  • For iOS Devices:

If you use Google Maps, Go to Settings → Privacy Location Services and adjust your location setting to ‘While Using’ the app. This will prevent the app from accessing your location when it is not active.


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