Chrome Bug Allowed Hackers to Find Out Everything Facebook Knows About You

[Aug 17, 2018] If Users haven't done yet update to chrome 68, there is another significant reason to immediately switch to the latest version of the Chrome web browser. Ron Masas, a security researcher from Imperva, has discovered vulnerability in web browsers that could allow attackers to find everything other web platforms, like Facebook and... Continue Reading →

RBI governor Urjit Patel unveils UPI 2.0 Version

[Aug 17, 2018] UPI was launched on April 11, 2016 and in the last two years the platform has emerged as a popular choice among users for sending and receiving money. BHIM UPI has recorded transactions worth Rs 45,845 crore and 235 million in terms of value and volume in the month of July 2018.... Continue Reading →

Necurs Botnet Goes Phishing for Banks

[Aug 17, 2018] A new Necurs botnet campaign targets thousands of banks with a malicious file dropping the FlawedAmmyy remote-access Trojan. The Necurs botnet has resurfaced in a new phishing campaign targeting banks with malicious Microsoft Publisher and PDF files packed with the Trojan. Cofense researchers first detected the campaign early on August 15 and... Continue Reading →

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