New KeyPass Ransomware Actively Attacking Around the World To Encrypt the Victim Files

[Aug 20, 2018] Newly emerging KeyPass ransomware actively spreading around the world to encrypt the targetted system files and demand the ransom to the victims. When compared to last year, currently ransomware outbreaks are very less, however, new ransomware attacks are kept increasing and the malware authors always trying to find the new method into... Continue Reading →

Sebi to expand scope of cybersecurity initiatives for MIIs

[Aug 20, 2018] Regulator Sebi (The Securities and Exchange Board of India) is planning to broaden the scope of cybersecurity initiatives for the market infrastructure institutions (MIIs) and look into the operational modalities of their implementation in order to deal with the cyber challenges. The regulator has also advised MIIs to conduct a half yearly... Continue Reading →

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