Hackers Using Microsoft Publisher File To Deliver Dangerous FlawedAmmyy RAT Targeting Banks

[Aug 21, 2018] A new campaign using Weaponized Microsoft Publisher File(.pub) to deliver the FlawedAmmyy RAT. The FlawedAmmyy RAT is a backdoor tool that gains remote access to the attacker. Security researchers from Trustwave spotted the Email campaign subjected “Payment Advice” with Microsoft Office Publisher file attached. With further analysis in the Cuckoo Sandbox, researchers... Continue Reading →

Research uncovers vulnerabilities in routers from Netgear, D-Link and ZTE

[Aug 21, 2018] New research released by the reviews site TheBestVPN claims that “vulnerabilities in routers from Netgear Inc., D-Link Corp. and ZTE Corp. could result in “a complete takeover of your router.” Reported today by TechRadar with limited details, the vulnerabilities initially appears to be accessed by the creation of a malicious web page... Continue Reading →

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