Loki Bot Malware Stealing Corporate Passwords

[Aug 31, 2018]

Newly discovered Loki Bot Malware spreading as a .iso extension that targets Corporate network and applications to steal passwords from Browsers, Messaging Applications, Mail & FTP Clients.

Recently it was observed by Kaspersky researchers that the malware mainly targeting corporate networks around the world and gain a large amount of sensitive information.

Loki Bot Malware also capable of stealing cryptocurrency wallets and share the stolen data into attacker via its Command & Control server.

Hackers using Email as a primary malware distribution medium that contains an attachment with a .iso extension. (ISO images are copies of optical discs that can be mounted in a virtual CD/DVD drive to be used in the same way as the originals.)

Another method is criminals sending weaponized financial documents such as invoices, transfers, and payments.

Also, attackers use to send fake ordering forms such as posing as customers placing an order, or the vendor offering their goods or services.

Spam continues to be a top attack vector used by cybercriminals for decades.

Cyber Security Tips: 

– Have a unique Email address.

– Do not open any attachments without proper validation.

– Don’t open emails voluntary emails.

– Use Spam filters & Antispam gateways.

– Never respond to any spam emails.


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