Trickbot Malware Re-emerging via MS Word Documents

[Aug 18, 2018] Trickbot malware is one of the widely known Banking Trojan emerging again (originated in the middle of 2016) with sophisticated techniques to at target the various financial institutions and large bank to steal the banking credentials. An initial distribution of  Trickbot malware launching via Microsoft word document which contains embedded Macro code.... Continue Reading →

Mozilla Extirpates 23 Firefox Add-Ons

[Aug 18, 2018] Mozilla has extirpated 23 Firefox add-ons that pried in on clients and sent their information to remote servers, as affirmed by the Bleeping PC. The blocked add-ons even incorporate "Web Security, which was found sending users' browsing histories to a server situated in Germany and remained at the center of a controversy... Continue Reading →

Necurs Botnet Goes Phishing for Banks

[Aug 17, 2018] A new Necurs botnet campaign targets thousands of banks with a malicious file dropping the FlawedAmmyy remote-access Trojan. The Necurs botnet has resurfaced in a new phishing campaign targeting banks with malicious Microsoft Publisher and PDF files packed with the Trojan. Cofense researchers first detected the campaign early on August 15 and... Continue Reading →

Microsoft Patch Tuesday: 60 vulnerabilities resolved including two active exploits

[Aug 16, 2018] Microsoft's Windows Patch Tuesday resolves a total of 60 vulnerabilities, many of them critical, in addition to two zero-day security flaws which are being actively used in attacks today. The update impacts the Windows operating system, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Microsoft Office services and apps, ChakraCore, the .NET Framework, Microsoft Exchange and... Continue Reading →

Adobe Released August Patch Covering 11 Vulnerabilities That Affects Multiple Popular Adobe Products

[Aug 16, 2018] Adobe August security updates cover’s 11 security vulnerabilities including two critical vulnerabilities with the most popular Adobe Acrobat and Reader. With the last July, Tuesday patch Adobe released Security Updates & Fixes for 112 Vulnerabilities that Affected Multiple Adobe Products. The Updates which has been released by Adobe on Following Products: Adobe... Continue Reading →

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