Email Phishers Using A Simple Way to Bypass MS Office 365 Protection

[Aug 16, 2018] Security researchers have been warning about a simple technique that cyber criminals and email scammers are using in the wild to bypass most AI-powered phishing detection mechanisms implemented by widely used email services and web security scanners. Dubbed ZeroFont, the technique involves inserting hidden words with a font size of zero within... Continue Reading →

Spectre-like “Foreshadow” Flaw In Intel CPUs Discovered

[Aug 16, 2018] Top US chipmaker Intel Corp. on Tuesday confirmed that more severe security flaws were found in some of its microprocessors that that may leave users vulnerable to cyber-attacks. While the chip-maker giant is still dealing with Meltdown and Spectre processor vulnerabilities, Dubbed Foreshadow, the new attacks include three new speculative execution side-channel... Continue Reading →

VMware Released Critical Security Updates

[Aug 16, 2018] VMware has released Security patches that affected multiple products includes vSphere, Workstation, Fusion, and Virtual Appliances. Successful exploitation of these vulnerability leads to sensitive information disclosure.  Security patches which has released as below: VMSA-2018-0021 With the security update, VMware address L1 Terminal Fault OS vulnerability in VMware Virtual Appliances, successful exploitation of... Continue Reading →

Flaws in Pre-Installed Apps Expose Millions of Android Devices to Hackers

[Aug 14, 2018] Nearly all Android phones come with useless applications pre-installed by manufacturers or carriers, usually called bloatware. Researchers (from mobile security firm Kryptowire at the DEF CON security conference on Friday.) disclosed details of 47 different vulnerabilities deep inside the firmware and default apps (pre-installed and mostly non-removable) of 25 Android handsets that... Continue Reading →

Hackers can steal data from the enterprise using only a fax number

[Aug 13, 2018] Fax machines are still widely used by businesses and communications protocol vulnerability is leaving them exposed to cyberattacks. Researchers have now highlighted this issue by demonstrating how newly-discovered vulnerabilities in fax communications protocols can be used to compromise both enterprise and consumer networks. The researchers demonstrated the existence of the security flaws... Continue Reading →

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