Newly Discovered Android Malware Stealing Data from Messaging Applications WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook

[Sept 03, 2018]

A new Android spyware family named as BusyGasper has been discovered which is distributed by unknown threat actors.

The Malware contains unique spy implant with stand-out features such as device sensors listeners, motion detectors.

Apart from this, BusyGasper capable of exfiltration of data from messaging applications such as WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook along with keylogging capabilities.

This malware acting since 2016 and attackers using physical access to the targeting victims and install this malware.

Also, attackers main focus on Asus devices and an information gathered from the email account provides a lot of the victims’ personal data, including messages from IM applications.

There is no evidence that attackers using any exploit to obtain root privileges, so researchers believe that attackers used some unseen component to obtain the further privileges.

Cyber Security Tips: 

– Always Lock your phone when No use.

– Lock down your Google services as well. The best way of doing this  is with Google’s own two-factor authentication.

– Only use apps from the Google Play Store.

– Use anti-virus software.

– Turn off connections when you don’t need them.

– If you don’t use an app, uninstall it.


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