A New Banking Malware Disguises as Security Module Steals Your Banking Credentials

[Sept 05, 2018]

A new unique banking malware dubbed CamuBot poses itself like a security module from the bank to gain victim’s trust and tempt them into installing the malware on their device.

The threat actor’s actively targeting the companies and public sector organizations using a number of social engineering techniques to bypass the security controls.

Security researchers from IBM spotted the CamuBot malware is more sophisticated and designed with a new code. It is different from the common banking trojans and it is blended with a number of social engineering techniques for device take over.

Cyber Security Tips: 

  • Educate your employees and conduct training sessions with mock phishing scenarios.
  • Deploy a SPAM filter that detects viruses, blank senders, etc.
  • Keep all systems current with the latest security patches and updates.
  • Install an antivirus solution, schedule signature updates, and monitor the antivirus status on all equipment.
  • Deploy a web filter to block malicious websites.
  • Encrypt all sensitive company information.
  • Convert HTML email into text only email messages or disable HTML email messages.
  • Two factor authentication should be deployed to prevent hackers who have compromised a user’s credentials from ever gaining access.

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