No.1 Adware Removal Tool On Apple App Store Caught Spying On Mac Users

[Sept 10, 2018]

A highly popular top-tier app in Apple’s Mac App Store that’s designed to protect its users from adware and malware threats has been, ironically, found surreptitiously stealing their browsing history without their consent, and sending it to a server in China.

The app in question is “Adware Doctor,” the Mac App Store No. 1 paid utility and also ranked as the fourth most popular paid app on the store, which sells for $4.99 and markets itself to be the “best app” to prevent “malware and malicious files from infecting your Mac.”

To do this, Adware Doctor bypasses Apple Mac App Store sandbox restrictions to be able to access, copy and upload user files from the Mac computer it is installed on.

The app was removed from the store two years ago after MalwareBytes complained, and then it reappeared under Adware Doctor and becomes the Mac Store top paid utility.

Also, the Chinese server collecting the data from Adware Doctor Users is currently offline, possibly because of the media attention the app has received.

Cyber Security Tips:

  • Users who have already downloaded Adware Doctor are strongly advised to remove the app from their systems as soon as possible.


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