Karnataka’s land records software hacked for the third time

[Sept 11, 2018] The breach happened in the Bhoomi software of Karnataka state of India. This is the third time that the Bhoomi software has been breached. Bhoomi, introduced to digitise land records, came into being in 2002. The first breach was reported in Mangaluru a decade ago when Bhoomi software was still in its... Continue Reading →

Hackers use Microsoft Excel Documents to carry out CHAINSHOT Malware Attack

[Sept 11, 2018] A new malware named CHAINSHOT was recently used to target Adobe Flash zero-day vulnerability. The malware was transferred using a Microsoft Excel file containing a tiny Shockwave Flash ActiveX object and the property called “Movie” containing a URL to download the flash application. Cyber Security Tips: Don't open emails from someone you... Continue Reading →

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