Karnataka’s land records software hacked for the third time

[Sept 11, 2018]

The breach happened in the Bhoomi software of Karnataka state of India. This is the third time that the Bhoomi software has been breached.

Bhoomi, introduced to digitise land records, came into being in 2002. The first breach was reported in Mangaluru a decade ago when Bhoomi software was still in its nascent stage.

A failed attempt was made by certain individuals to change the mutation of a government property to a private person.

Two years ago, the department discovered another case where an attempt was made to change the RTC (Record of Rights, Tenancy and Crop Information) of a nine-acre government plot in Malur taluk of Kolar district to a private individual.

It is learnt that an insider could be involved in the cases to help the land mafia grab unused government land. Due to the fact that modifications made can be tracked immediately, the department has been able to identify the changes made in the database.

Cyber Security Tips:

  • All Government departments which are using Software technology for work should use multi factor Authentication for the software, which prevents other than the officials from having access.
  • Database should be encrypted with strong encryption algorithm
  • Furthermore, planning should be made to centralize the database.


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