Quick Heal finds over 180 million threats to Windows OS

[Sept 21, 2018]

Global Internet security firm Quick Heal Technologies has detected more than 180 million threats on desktops and laptops with Windows Operating System in India.

According to the quarterly threat report released by the firm on Wednesday, more than 2 million malware, 16,000 ransomware, 13,000 crypto-mining malware, 141,000 exploits, and 40,488 potentially unwanted applications (PUAs) and adware are detected on a daily basis.

“More than 18 crore threats were detected on Windows devices of individual and enterprise users between April and June 2018. May was the busiest month, with more than 74 million incidents detected, followed by April and June that witnessed 55 million and 51 million detections respectively,” a Quarterly Threat Report 2018 said.

However, the rise of cryptojacking remains the biggest worry, as it is getting direct monetary benefits to cyber-criminals.

Cyber Security Tips:

  • Do Regular Patches or update of your system. Keep Updates on Automatic Mode.
  • Install Authentic protective software ie. Anti-Virus.
  • Choose strong passwords for every account and Services.
  • Back up on regular basis.
  • Use Email & Internet Safety. Protect sensitive data.
  • Use Secure Connections.
  • Use Firewall
  • Stay Informed about New threats & attacks.


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