Malicious apps found on Google Play

[Oct 09, 2018]

Android fans have been put on alert and warned about a password risk involving smartphones using the hugely popular Google mobile OS.

More than 50 malicious apps designed for kids as colouring apps or games found on Google play has no functionality other than displaying interstitial ads that cover the entire device screen.

Mobile security researcher Lukas Stefanko identified the malicious app and reported to Google Security team, now most of the apps have been removed but few are still available to download.

Once these malicious apps installed and launched it displays error and hides from user view and continues to run the background.

The malicious fakes were uploaded to Google Play in June 2018 and were installed more than a thousand times before being taken down by Google.

Cyber Security Tips :   

Users can take the following preventive measures for installing infected apps:

  • Only download from a reputable app store, such as Google Play or Amazon Appstore.
  • Glance at app reviews — people will often rate an infected app poorly and will usually warn others through the app reviews.
  • Avoid downloading unofficial apps — it’s always safer to install official apps from an official app store.
  • Use strong antivirus protection.


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