Just Answering A Video Call Could Compromise Your WhatsApp Account

[Oct 11, 2008] Google Project Zero security researcher Natalie Silvanovich found a critical vulnerability in WhatsApp messenger that could have allowed hackers to remotely take full control of your WhatsApp just by video calling you over the messaging app. The vulnerability is a memory heap overflow issue which is triggered when a user receives a... Continue Reading →

Apple Released Security Updates for iOS 12.0.1 & iCloud with the Fixes for 21 Vulnerabilities

[Oct 11, 2018] Apple security updates covered mainly iCloud for Windows 7.7 where there are 19 vulnerabilities are reported and 2 vulnerabilities are reported under iOS 12.0.1 by various companies and individuals that affect WebKit. The Vulnerability descriptions are given below: iCloud for Windows 7.7 0 – WebKit Unexpected interaction causes an ASSERT failure in... Continue Reading →

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