New iPhone Bug Gives Anyone Access to Your Private Photos

[Oct 19, 2018]

In Apple’s iOS 12 a passcode bypass bug has been found that works on the latest iOS 12.0.1 that was released last week.

The bug allows attackers with physical access to iPhone to access contacts and photos.

The new hack allows anyone with physical access to your locked iPhone to access your photo album, select photos and send them to anyone using Apple Messages.

Since the new hack requires much less effort than the previous one, it leaves any iPhone user vulnerable to a skeptic or distrustful partner, curious college, friend or roommate who could access your iPhone’s photo album and grab your private photos.

The new passcode bypass method works on all current iPhone models, including iPhone X and XS devices, running the latest version of the Apple mobile operating system, i.e., iOS 12 to 12.0.1.

Cyber Security Tips:

  • Until Apple comes up with a security patch, you can temporarily fix the issue by disabling Siri from the lockscreen.

Here’s how to disable Siri:

Go to the Settings → Face ID & Passcode (Touch ID & Passcode on iPhones with Touch ID) and Disable Siri toggle under “Allow access when locked.”

  • Meanwhile, just wait for Apple to issue a software update to address the new iPhone passcode bypass bug as soon as possible.


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