Stolen Paytm data included passwords, PIN of founder Vijay Shekar’s accounts and cash cards, business plans

[Oct 24, 2018]

The woman employee of Paytm founder and chief executive officer Vijay Shekhar Sharma, who had access to Sharma’s personal laptop, had allegedly stolen the data and was blackmailing him to the rune of ₹20 crore.

Police said the initial probe into the Paytm extortion case suggests that the data breach involved crucial information that can hamper the company’s prospects, if made public.

Manoj Pant, station house officer, Sector 20 police station, said, “The total data is of more than 128 GB and contains over 1,000 pages.”

Police sources said the data included passwords, encrypted emails, PIN of Paytm accounts and cash cards used by its founder Vijay Shekhar Sharma, the company’s business model, new plans and schemes as well as financial dealings of the company, all of which would have damaged the prospects of Paytm, if made public or shared.

A case was registered under the IPC sections 381 (theft by clerk or servant or property in possession of the master), 384 (punishment for extortion), 386 (extortion by putting a person in fear), 420 (cheating), 408 (criminal breach of trust by clerk or servant), 120B (criminal conspiracy) and sections of the IT Act, 2008.

Cyber Security Tips:  

  • Company, in a statement to the media, assured customers that “their personal details are protected”.


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