Hacker Discloses New Windows Zero-Day Exploit On Twitter

[Oct 25, 2018] A security researcher with Twitter alias SandboxEscaper—who two months ago publicly dropped a zero-day exploit for Microsoft Windows Task Scheduler—has yesterday released another proof-of-concept exploit for a new Windows zero-day vulnerability. SandboxEscaper posted a link to a Github page hosting a proof-of-concept (PoC) exploit for the vulnerability that appears to be a... Continue Reading →

New Android Malware Turns Your Mobile Devices into Hidden Proxies

[Oct 25, 2018] Cyber criminals distributing new Android malware via Phishing email campaign that turns infected smartphones into hidden mobile proxies. This malicious app installing a fake voice-message app and turns it as a network proxies without users knowledge. This Malware named as TimpDoor that act as a backdoor with stealthy access to the home... Continue Reading →

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