Google News App Bug Is Using Up Excessive Background Data

[Oct 25, 2018]

Many Android users have reported that the news app from Google is using a massive amount of background data, without user’s knowledge.

On the Google News Help Forum, users have been reporting this issue as long back as June, one month after the app release. In September, the problem was acknowledged by Google News Community Manager, stating that Google is investigating the issue and working on a fix. However, going by the user complaints, the issue remains to be dealt with.

Some users also report that the app used up their carrier data even when the “Download over Wifi” was turned on. Google is currently looking into the matter and is working on solving the issue.

 Cyber Security Tips:  

  • In any case, if the Google News app bug hits you, the best thing you can do right is un-install the app. Or else, simply stop its background data usage.
  • To stop Google News from using excessive background data:
  1. Go to Android Settings
  2. Head over to Apps settings
  3. Tap on “Google News App” ⇒ Data Usage
  4. Disable Background Data

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