Cybercriminals stole 2.8 million dollars from Russians with the help of fake websites

[Oct 27, 2018]

Since the beginning of this year, hackers stolen 3.8 million dollars from Russians using web phishing. This is 6% more than last year.
Experts believe that web phishing is the easiest and most effective way to steal money, as people are increasingly using Bank cards. Scammers create fake websites that imitate the brands of Russian Banks and rob citizens.
According to the Director of Inpas Alexey Lavruhin, the reasons for the growth of thefts are: the increase in the number of Bank cards and purchases over the Internet. Many unsuspecting users enter their logins and passwords from personal accounts on “fake” websites, give CVV and PIN codes to scammers.

Cyber Security Tips:

– Educate your employees and conduct training sessions with mock phishing scenarios.
– Deploy a SPAM filter that detects viruses, blank senders, etc.
– Keep all systems current with the latest security patches and updates.
– Install an antivirus solution, schedule signature updates, and monitor the antivirus status on all equipment.
– Develop a security policy that includes but isn’t limited to password expiration and complexity.
– Deploy a web filter to block malicious websites.
– Encrypt all sensitive company information.
– Convert HTML email into text only email messages or disable HTML email messages.
– Require encryption for employees that are telecommuting.


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