IBM Buys Linux & Open Source Software Distributor Red Hat For $34 Billion

[Oct 29, 2018] IBM and Red Hat have announced an agreement that IBM has struck a deal to acquire the Linux and open source software distributor for $34 billion in an all-cash transaction of $190/share. This announcement is the largest software company acquisition to date. Following the acquisition, Red Hat will continue to operate as a... Continue Reading →

Downloader Malware Found On Google Play with More Than 51,100 Installations

[Oct 29, 2018] The downloader malware dubbed Android.DownLoader.819.origin malware found on Google play downloaded by more than 51,100 Android users. The downloader malware is capable of installing other malicious applications on the affected devices and launches them. Once the application is triggered it requests for the read and writes access to SD card and then... Continue Reading →

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