Unpatched MS Word Flaw Could Allow Hackers to Infect Your Computer

[Oct 31, 2018] Cybersecurity researchers have revealed an unpatched logical flaw in Microsoft Office 2016 and older versions that could allow an attacker to embed malicious code inside a document file, tricking users into running malware onto their computers. Discovered by researchers at Cymulate, the bug abuses the 'Online Video' option in Word documents, a... Continue Reading →

Windows 10 Bug Let UWP Apps Access All Files Without Users’ Consent

[Oct 31, 2018] Microsoft silently patched a bug in its Windows 10 operating system with the October 2018 update (version 1809) that allowed Microsoft Store apps with extensive file system permission to access all files on users' computers without their consent. With Windows 10, Microsoft introduced a common platform, called Universal Windows Platform (UWP), that... Continue Reading →

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