India witnessed over 6.95 lakh cyberattacks from Russia, US, others in January-Jun: F-Secure

[ Nov 13, 2018 ]  Russia, the US, China and the Netherlands were the top countries from where cybercriminals attacked users in India, with over 6.95 lakh such incidents between January-June 2018, according to cyber-security firm F-Secure. Interestingly, the top 5 countries that cyberattackers from India targeted were Austria, the Netherlands, the UK, Japan and... Continue Reading →

WannaCry Still Alive, Reaches Almost 75,000 Victims

[ Nov 13, 2018 ] WannaCry ransomware is still the most widespread cryptor family and has hit almost 75,000 users as of Q3 2018, according to new research from Kaspersky Lab. The firm discovered that since the WannaCry outbreak in May 2017 that cost the NHS £92m, the ransomware has affected 74,621 users across the... Continue Reading →

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