Amazon leaks users’ names & email addresses due to a ‘technical error’

[ Nov 23, 2018 ]

Amazon emailed an undisclosed number of customers to report that their emails and names were inadvertently shared due to a technical error that has since been fixed. It also told customers that changing passwords wasn’t necessary.

The company was hit by a technical error on Wednesday, which disclosed customer names and email IDs on its website. It is not clear to how many customers were impacted globally, or in India, where Amazon has 150 million customers registered.

Amazon said it mistakenly shared customer data with undisclosed parties, a privacy misstep by the world’s biggest online retailer heading into its busiest time of year.

The data breach that hit Amazon globally is likely to have impacted customers in India as well, as per industry experts, given that it had a global impact, with users in Europe and the US reporting having received alert mails from the company.

Amazon India did not confirm whether Indian customers were also hit, in response to specific questions. “We have fixed the issue and informed customers who may have been impacted,” the company said.

Security experts say exposure of email IDs comes with the risk of phishing attacks and other cyber threats through malware.

Cyber Security Tips:  

  • Customers are advised to filter spam and install anti-virus software and to treat unsolicited emails with suspicion,” said Rajesh Maurya, regional vice president, India and SAARC, Fortinet.


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