Over a dozen malware-laced driving game apps infected half a million Android users

[ Nov 23, 2018 ]

Over a dozen malicious apps recently appeared on the Google Play Store and have been installed over half a million times. Once downloaded, the malicious apps, posing as driving games were designed to crash each time they were opened.

The apps were discovered by ESET security researcher Lukas Stefanko, who took to Twitter to report them publicly. According to Stefanko, there were 13 malicious apps on Google Play and two of the apps were trending on the app store.

Once downloaded onto a victim’s device, these malicious apps downloaded a malware behind the scenes, which, in turn, deleted the apps’ icon, making it challenging for the victim to remove the app. Although it is unclear as to the malware’s primary function and motive, it was reportedly apparent that the malware was designed to be persistent.

Despite Google’s efforts to crack down on Android developers and tighten Google Play’s security, it appears that malicious apps continue to slip past the tech giant’s security measures and pose a threat to Android users.

Cyber Security Tips:

Disable the installation of apps from unknown sources in your phone’s settings.

– Only install apps from Google Play.

– Do Not Root Your Device.

– Update Your Device When Prompted.

– Back Up Your Personal Data Regularly.


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