Cyber Attack Hit British Parliament, UK Not Prepared to Stop It

[ Nov 26, 2018 ]

The UK was not prepared for a cyber attack that hit the UK Parliament in June 2017 targeting the email accounts used by MPs and their staff, according to a committee report led by former foreign secretary Margaret Beckett.

As reported by The Guardian in 2017, around 90 emails accounts of British officials from the Parliament have been compromised by the attack which took advantage of weak passwords to break in.

Moreover, the committee made out of senior MPs and peers also stated that “This is also a lesson for the Government itself: cyber risk must be properly managed at the highest levels.”

“The 2017 WannaCry attack, which affected the NHS, also demonstrated that cyber attacks need not target critical national infrastructure deliberately to have significant consequences,” also said the committee. “In addition, some organised crime groups are becoming as capable as states, thereby increasing the number and range of potential attackers.”

Cyber Security Tips:

  • Government and ministers have to urgently address the lack of specialist skills and deep expertise, advising the Government to make the cybersecurity skills a top priority.


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