22 apps with 2 million+ Google Play downloads had a malicious backdoor

[ Dec 10, 2018 ] Almost two dozen apps with more than 2 million downloads have been removed from the Google Play market after researchers found they contained a device-draining backdoor that allowed them to surreptitiously download files from an attacker-controlled server. The 22 rogue titles included Sparkle Flashlight, a flashlight app that had been... Continue Reading →

Hackers stole millions from around 8 European banks in a slew of massive cyberattacks

[ Dec 10, 2018 ] A series of attacks on European banks involving the use of attackers’ own devices, successfully allowed hackers to steal millions of dollars. The attackers planted devices like a laptop, Raspberry Pi and Bash Bunny inside the targeted banks’ premises, which provided them with remote access to the banks’ networks. Usually,... Continue Reading →

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