GandCrab Ransomware Attack Users & Demand $500 in Bitcoin via sextortion Blackmail Email

[ Dec 11, 2018 ]

GandCrab ransomware currently distributing via Blackmail Email that claims “users data have been compromised and threaten to expose their private data in online” in order to demand ransom amount.

The recently observed campaign distributed along with solicited links that pointed to AZORult information stealer that leads to dropping GandCrab ransomware in order to encrypt the data.

sextortion Email nowadays widely distributing via mail to blackmailing innocent victims and intimate them to pay demanding amount to avoid publication of their stolen private information while they access the pornographic content online.

But the mostly fraudulent who climes that they have users private information mostly not be true but they take advantage of victims fear and demand the money.

Earlier days of this Blackmail Email campaign doesn’t have any links but currently attackers using the same type of emails to drop malware and ransomware.

Once Victim click the link then its it leads to install the GandCrab ransomware and the attacker demands a payment of $500 in Bitcoin or DASH.

Cyber Security Tips:   

  • Assume the sender does not actually possess screenshots or video of any compromising activity
  • Should not click any links or open attachments to verify the sender’s claims.

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